Monday, June 22, 2009

Fun Obento boxes

Need an R2-D2 Soy Sauce bottle? How about a pepper mill?
Katie and I found these things in a store in Yokohama that may be an import store. These things all had a lot of English writing on them.

This Space Shuttle lunch tray isn't exactly a bento box, but it could function similarly.

I bought this one in Yokohama, but they're available online everywhere. The writing on the package is all in English.

I actually liked the round bento better, it looked just like a hamburger, but I felt this one was more practical for what I'll use it for.... packing lunch!


PutaansuuPost said...

Okay, where do you get your Kit Kats? I have to get some of those! Also, where are those soy dispensers. We are Star Wars geeks, and it would be a fun gift for a few people back home. Please email me at: Thanks!

Katie said...

That was a fun day :)

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