Thursday, March 4, 2010

Kit Kats and Doritos or, as we call it, Thursday!

Green tea and Sakura.
Calpis - a popular drink here.
Maple Kit Kats... they were out in time for the Olympics.
Cheese shaped like Kit Kats along with fudge Kit Kats.
Cafe latte Kit Kats.
Wasabi Mayo Doritos.


Orchid64 said...

What did you make of the Calpis KitKats? I didn't buy them (too many and too expensive).

I saw the chocolate and fudge KitKats as well and thought that was just weirdness! :-)

SabrinaT said...

Where do you find all these KitKats!!!

Dollars to Yen said...

I have to confess that I haven't tried the Calpis ones. I loathe white chocolate, so I'll have to wait until someone else in my house wants to try one.

Sabrina, any convenience store here will have them.

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