Sunday, March 28, 2010

Nagushiyama... possibly our new favorite park.

Nagushiyama Park is a really awsome place to spend a nice day! That rollerslide even has a little cave that you go through.

Here's a POV movie of the big rollerslide. I had to stop in the cave and re-adjust the kickboard.
The view from the top of the bigger rollerslide. The building down there is the visitor center.
Don't worry if you forget your cardboard or rollerslide seat, there are kickboards in a crate at the bottom of the bigger rollerslide that you can use.
Yay Spring!!!
Beginning in mid-April this hillside will be alive with pink, red, and white for the Azalea Festival. The bushes are starting to bloom right now. We'll be back!!!


Anonymous said...

i found your blog via a friend. we live on kyushu (sasebo city) & are in awe with some of the places you've found/visited. i have two sons & like to go out to parks & the like...i was wondering if you would post directions to the places you've visited on kyushu (or tell me how you found them?!), so i can go, too. my son & i love the roller slides (there's a cool one at sara yama koen, in saza) & i'd really like to try the one at nagushiyama park! domo..wendyleigh

Dollars to Yen said...

Thanks for the comment. I am working on writing the directions to most of these places. It requires me to go several times because the first time I'm usually lost looking for something else when I stumble upon it.

I have now been to Nagushiyama twice, so I can give vague directions. I found it taking the new Expressway to the end then keep heading toward Hirado. There were many signs for this park. I think many of them are in English. It's a really big park with lots of trails in addition to the playground.

Anonymous said...

thank you! i can't wait to go son & i are addicted to roller slides. my best friend & i go out looking for parks (aka 'getting lost in japan') all the time, too...but, you seem to have a knack for finding them!

any directions you do manage to get posted about the parks you go to are appreciated...even if they are vague!

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