Wednesday, March 3, 2010

So you wanna be on TV... or just pretend to be?

I cannot seem to order my pictures how I want, so this is a rather disjointed post. Today we went to the NHK Broadcast Museum in Tokyo. It's a free museum and a fun way to spend an afternoon.
The picture above is of the sound effect area. It was my favorite part of the museum. That television screen above shows what looks to be an old time radio show taking place with men running around using items similar to those on the table to put on the show. It's all hands on so feel free to make the waves crash, doors creek, wind blow and footsteps crunch on gravel.
There were displays of equipment, old and new, throughout the museum. Many of the cameras were working and you could see the picture on screens in front.

On the second floor there is a working television studio. There are cameras that you can control similar to a real newsroom. Have a seat at the news desk and try out a new reader position.
This family had fun pixelating each other.
That camera above is an actual weather camera that you can control with the joystick there. We were able to zoom in far enough to see people on both observation decks in the Tokyo Tower!

The museum is free and located a short walk from Kamiyacho station.

The museum is closed on Mondays.

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Sebastian said...

Oh what fun. Years ago I took a group of cub scouts to the Communications Museum in Berlin. It looks like a similar layout. One of our favorites was the array of old phones and stereos. The kids couldn't figure out what half of it was for and the moms remembered owning most of it.

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