Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year... from Japan!

Even if you didn't make it up to Chinatown in Yokohama to ring in the New Year, fear not! There were Lion Dances this afternoon and there will be more festivities in the near future. If you would like to avoid the crowds and the cold, play the video I took. Most of the time I had to hold my camera really high up to clear the heads in front of me. Check out Yokohama Chinatown's web site (Japanese only) for more information.

Look closely, and you'll see the little oxen in the plants. 'Tis the year of the ox.This is what Chinatown in Yokohama always looks like, so when we got there I was worried I had gotten the dates wrong. We were there 20 minutes before the festivities were to begin. Right before they started, three tour groups and a bunch of people showed up. It made viewing the Lion Dance a bit of a challenge.

Here is the lion dancing into a Chinatown business.
We were standing right next to the percussion section.

The picture above is pre-festivities.

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Inkspots said...

Very cool. We had to leave before the lion dances, but still had a great time.

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