Friday, January 9, 2009

Tobaru Koen

Oh how I love this park! Tobaru Koen in Okinawa is a wonderful park not far from Kadena AFB gate #5 and not far from Camp Lester. I used to teach an exercise class at this park. The hilly trails and those wicked stairs you see leading up to that tower made for an awesome workout! That awesome rollerslide was a bonus! It's kind of hard to see from the picture, but there are climbing nets at the bottom that keep the kids busy for hours. HOURS!!!
Don't forget your cardboard! This slide is fast at the bottom!

Can you see the rainbow? I took this picture from the top of the tower above the rollerslide.

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Katie said...

These all look like a lot of fun. What is it about Okinawa and the parks? Is it more of an out-doorsy life style since it's a tropical or sub-tropical climate? Have you ever seen parks like this anywhere else?

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