Wednesday, January 28, 2009

There's more to Mt. Takatori than meets the eye!

The last time I hiked up Mt. Takatori (鷹取山)from Jinmuji Station, I just kept right on going through to Oppama Station. Today, I took a different path.
I did take a little detour to see the Magai Butsu (磨崖仏) again.
I can't wait until Spring when the Magai Butsu will really stick out! I took this photo from a viewing platform above where the rock climbers climb on Mt. Takatori. If you look closely, you can see the Buddha in the middle of the picture.

Just follow that path there and head up the stairs to the viewing area.
These tiles on the ground telling you what you can see the various directions. Mt. Fuji (富士山)was not visible today, but a gentleman hiking showed me his pictures of Fuji that he took on New Year's morning. It really is a spectacular view. I have seen it before from the trail there as well.

This picture is a little out of order. This is the Jimmu Temple (神武寺) early on in the hike from Jinmuji Station. I was having trouble making the photos cooperate for me.

From the viewing platform, you can see Landmark Tower in Yokohama.
This is a trail that starts from the rock climbing area. It divides here. It was very cold when I was running the trail, so I stuck to the trail that directed me to the Taura Station. Next time I'll take other trails!
I thought this area was beautiful.

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Inkspots said...

This is great! You really need to put together a book with detailed directions to all these gems.

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