Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Kinubari Yama 衣張山

The clear winter skies and the lack of foliage make Kinubari Yama 衣張山 a perfect hike for Fuji viewing. This was my second time hiking it, but my first time taking the correct trails.

It took a little adjustment in Photoshop, but I was trying to make the moon a little more visual next to Fuji san.
There are three designated viewing spots on the trail. The whole trail is beautiful too. There are many, many caves along the trail.

There are times on the trail where the drop off on either side is very, very steep.

That sign directs you to the top of Kinubari to the left.
You can kind of see Fuji san through those weeds. This is at the highest view point on Mt. Kinubari.

I used my Garmin GPS and this is the trail. The trail continues on, but I had to turn back due to time constraints.
My round trip was 2.63 miles.

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