Saturday, March 28, 2009

Asaina Kiridoshi

The sign reads: Asaina Kiridoshi is one of seven opening passes of Kamakura. This pass leads to Mutsuura, an important port supporting the logistics of the capital Kamakura during the Kamakura period.

Under the direction of Yasutoki Hojo the regent of the Kamakura Shogunate Government the constructions work took place in 1241. It underwent numerous repairs since then.

The structure of the pass can still be seen on the large man-made cliff area. Alongside the pass, there are archaeological remains such as Yagura (ceremonial toms of medieval times), man-made cliffs, chiseled flat area and charnel. The Asaina Kiridoshi and its surroundings still convey the atmosphere of the medieval city periphery. March 2009 Board of Education, Kamakura City.

I thought the word "charnel" was a misspelling on the sign, but I looked it up on an online dictionary and it says a charnel house is a tomb, vault, cemetery, or other place where the bones of the dead are deposited; originally, a place for the bones thrown up when digging new graves in old burial grounds. The sign at the trail head said Asaina in English and Hirgana, but a directional sign leading up to here was spelled Asahina. I guess this is a popular mountain biking trail. I'll take more pictures when I actually hike up it. Apparently Kiridoshi means steep slope... I think.

The waterfall at the beginning of the trail.
These may be charnels.

This is the road leading up to Asahina Kiridoshi.
If you're coming from Hokokuji, the bamboo temple in Kamakura, head away from downtown Kamakura. Pass the Eneos gas station. The road will curve a bit to the left. The entrance to Asahina Kiridoshi is marked by a small sign on the right side of the road. There is a very small parking lot at the trail head, but it wasn't open. We were there on a Saturday around noon. I can't imagine when it would be open if it wasn't open then.


Katie said...

You took me and my children to a mass grave?! :)

-In the whisper from "Sixth Sense," - 'I see dead people.'

Inkspots said...

Cool!!! I so need to get a list of your trails and directions to to them. We need to get out more.

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