Monday, March 23, 2009

Tokyo Marathon 2009 - Characters welcome.

The Tokyo Marathon! 東京マラソン
This may have been either the Shinjuku area, or Ginza, or another place altogether. They all kind of ran together. I do believe this was early on in the race though.

There were actually three Supergirls running together, but that picture is too blurry to post. They're fast as a speeding train.

That Japanese school girl (guy) was up with the really fast runners. I guess the skirt helps. The annoying thing about this marathon, was that there were two out and backs so you could see how far behind you were from your friends and people who started with you that you should be running with.


These characters were in front of the Kabuki Theater at the Higashi Ginza area.

I think the one guy was a police officer and I'm not sure what the other guy was. Let me know if you do!
I felt really safe knowing that there were ninjas amongst us. There were these two guys and a pink ninja.

Yes we can! Hello President Obama.

Guy riding a bird.
Tomorrow, sideline entertainment.


Katie said...

I literally read through this post laughing. Thanks for sharing it and congrats to you for finishing!

FeeDee said...

Where's all the naked people at?! What kind of marathon is it without neekid people?

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