Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A nice little run.

There are trails EVERYWHERE here in Japan! This section of a trail is between Zushi and Taura. It's beautiful. It is very soggy right now due to recent rains.
I ran down an almost hidden road in the Taura area and came upon a red Torii gate at a start of this path. It was beautiful, so I followed it up... and up... and up!

On the way up, I passed this little farm tucked into the Taura hills.

These Torii gates were lined up just above the little farm. I didn't count them, but they go on beyond what shows up in the photo. The path actually turns to the left and leads to a small shrine.
This is the shrine at the end of the Torii gates.
I took this photo at the park in Taura (see previous post). I think I caught the trail at Numama and took it to Mt. Futago, then Taura and back to Numama.
This is the pedestrian bridge to cross the expressway and head up to the Taura park.
Looking toward Zushi from the pedestrian bridge.
Apparently they have homes like this in Japan too. Reminds me of some neighbors I have had in the past.
Sake break! Sure, alcohol vending machines are common-place here in Japan, but in this particular area it just struck me as funny.


SabrinaT said...

Do you jog the trails everyday??

Dollars to Yen said...

I wish! This rain is making some parts of these trails too slick and soggy.

Alisa said...

Do you have a book or something, to inform you Where these path's/trail's are located?
My husband and I Love hiking around on foot, and exploring... i would love to find out where to begin!

Dollars to Yen said...

Zushi has a "Hiking in Zushi" pamphlet in their city hall building. It is in English. It is not that great of a map as far as scale, but it's a start. Most of the trail I have found were word of mouth or just stumbling on other trails.

Alisa said...

Thanks a Bunch! Thats a Start! I appreciate the reply!!
I will have to stop by there next time i am shopping for my veggies.

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