Sunday, March 8, 2009

Tokyo Tower

We were in Roppongi yesterday and saw the Tokyo Tower at the end of the road. We decided to go up. The Tokyo Tower is 13 meters taller than the Eiffel Tower in Paris.
That's the Rainbow Bridge and the Odaiba area across the way. The building with the golden sphere over there is the Fuji Television building. You can walk across the Rainbow Bridge. I'm told it takes about 30 minutes. We like to take the monorail-like train over it.
I can't remember which direction this view is, but I know the photo was taken from the Main Observatory level at 150 meters.

This is called a Look Down window. You can stand on it too. It's from the lower part of the 150 meter Main Observatory deck. I saw one mother refusing to let her young child on it.

This view is from the Special Observatory at 250 meters. It cost 820¥to get to the Main Observatory and another 600¥to get up to the Special Observatory. There were long lines to get in, for the elevator up to the 150 meter level, to buy tickets for the next elevator, for the elevator up to the 250 meter level, and long lines to get back down as well. Plan accordingly.

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SabrinaT said...

MY oldest son's favorite restaurant is inside the tower. We have been 4 times this year... Just so he can eat...

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