Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy (belated) White Day!

March 14th was White Day. It's much like Valentine's Day. They have Valentine's Day here as well, but the women give gifts to the men on that day. White Day is for the women.

We went to Kamiooka where White Day sales abound!

I don't think the stuff above were really part of any White Day sale, but it looked interesting.

Mochicream!!! I was so excited to find one closer to where we live! We had it for the first time back in December.
We bought three different flavors. On the left is Beni imo, or purple sweet potato. There was a whip cream center. Mine was the black sesame one in the middle. On the right is Azuki Bean... can't go wrong with that one.


Alisa said...

they have cheep versions of mochi icecream @ the groccery off base, have you tried them?
i ate it back in okinawa & sasebo. Mmmmm
funny though, i have never seen a Mochi Cream place.
i would love to go and try that! Do you have directions? Kamiooka? thats the stop between Bunko & Yokohama right?

Katie said...

Yum! Take me there :)

Dollars to Yen said...

I know the stuff you are talking about and Mochi Cream is, in my opinion, 100 times better! We bought two packs of the cheaper stuff after having the good stuff and the second pack stayed in our freezer for 3 months!

I think it may actually be on the same level as the train station, but you have to go up and then back down to get to there. It's in the area where all of the other food vendors are.

I'll have to go back there to give you better directions. Darn!

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