Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sideline entertainment at the Tokyo Marathon 2009

Waiting for relief.
There was a television crew doing a live shot right next to where I was standing before the start of the marathon. Everyone around me was really excited to see this guy. Many people were taking photos and yelling things out to him. I was told by a woman next to me that he is Masatoshi Hamada, a very famous comedian here in Japan.
This choir was right at the start line of the marathon. I think they may have performed the Japanese national anthem before the start of the race, but I was too far back to tell.
There were two military bands that I saw on the course. This is the only picture that turned out.
I thought I heard bagpipes! Maybe it was too cold for a kilt.

There were several Taiko groups along the route. They helped speed you up.
This guy was funny. He had a horse mask on his hand that he was making cheer for people.

There was lousy weather at the end of the race, but I saw this whole parking lot filled with kids performing. It was cold and rainy... poor kids.

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Inkspots said...

How fun! I think it's great that you ran with your camera. I might have to try this some year just for the sights, although I am NO runner.

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