Thursday, March 26, 2009

Marathon food

People lining the sides of the streets not only cheered on the runners, but they handed out food! These people were handing out the fried goodies I took a picture of below. Not your average long distance running food. In the Naha Marathon, in Okinawa, a soba shop provided bowls of Soba.
I'm sure someone else knows what this is, but it seemed like yakisoba in a fried shell.
The last two food stops on the marathon route had Anpan! I love anpan! It's sweetened kidney beans mashed together and baked inside rolls.
At this stop, they also had raisins and Umeboshi... YAY!!! Umeboshi is pickled plum and it really hits the spot when your physical resources are depleted.

This guy was handing out onigiri, or rice balls.
I bought Ume flavored gel at the Marathon Expo before the race. It is the best flavor of these gels I have ever had! Ume is Japanese plum.


SabrinaT said...

If I ate that I would not be able to run! I would need to lie down and take a nap...

Katie said...

Maybe I'll go next year just for the food. Well, maybe not.

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