Friday, March 13, 2009

Random stuff.

I got my first, and last I hope, speeding ticket here in Japan. 15,000 yen for doing 61 kilometers in a 40 kilometer zone. I am not admitting guilt, I am simply saying that's what the ticket was for. I wasn't sure how taking a picture during the ticketing process would go, so I didn't do it. The picture below is in the Post Office where I paid the ticket.
The officer gave me a sheet with English instructions before he gave me the ticket. He didn't speak much English and I wasn't sure how much Japanese I should admit to speaking. The officer was extremely polite.

I had seven days to pay the ticket. To pay, you have to go to a bank or a Post Office to pay.
Now that's service! They also stop traffic and bow when you leave the gas station.

This may be other places, but it was my first time seeing it. It's a box of donuts that double as tape dispensers.
Fruit basket and Lyric toilet paper.
"The best assortment for your luxurious time."

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Katie said...

When Keanna was in the car with you a couple of weeks ago she said you got to your destination quickly. ;)

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