Monday, December 1, 2008

Hakone Open Air Museum

I surprised my husband with a trip to the Hakone Open Air Museum last weekend.  It was a place he had been to 20 years ago.  Apparently not much has changed.  

Everything in Hakone is beautiful and the museum is no exception.  
The museum has a lot to offer the little ones too.  If you are on a time constraint and have kids, showing them the play areas first may not be the best decision.  We got that advice from someone else and thought we were doing well because we skipped the indoor net area.  We didn't count on this thing.  You can climb all around in this.  It is for 13 and younger.
There is a Picasso exhibit that we didn't have time to take in, so no pictures.  We did have time to soak our feet.  

According to the museum's web site:
Footbath Spa "Hot Foot" is a globally unique footbath located in an art museum. The 20-meter span footbath has the capacity of 30 people to sit at a time.
You will enjoy the open-air freshness and relaxation while appreciating the artworks. The spa uses flowing hot-spring water. Various concerts and events take place each season.

This area is a kid's dream!  We saved it to the very end, but were not left with much time.  We didn't see an age limit on it until after my husband climbed in and took some photos.

That star shaped thing in this picture is a maze.  You can't tell from the photo, but it's deep enough into the ground that you can't see out over the top.

This is the view from the top of a stained glass tower.

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Katie said...

Great pictures! I wish Bob got in there to get pictures from the top. Oh wait, he doesn't like cameras :)

Glad your husband was able to get up there...and I'm sure he felt like a little kid!

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