Saturday, December 20, 2008

Three new (to me) Kit Kats!

I found these three at a rest stop in the Nagano Prefecture.
They had a whole chili pepper display with this.  At the risk of making an ass out of myself, I'm going to guess that this area is known for it's chili peppers.

This particular apple one is the old name for Nagano.  

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, they appear to be Nagano speciality flavours, saw them at all omiyage shops in the prefecture.

Good spot on the apple name. Not sure about the grapes, but the chilli is from Nagano city. Theres a hundreds of years old spices shop just in front of the big temple. The same shop is famous for being the producer of "shichimi": that 7-spice thats available as a condiment in EVERY single soba stand in Japan (and many abroad).

Wishing I bought some Kit Kats now.

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