Saturday, December 6, 2008

Obento addicts unite!

I frequently peruse Obento blogs and web sites.  They often suggest Tokyu Hands as a great place to find bento supplies.  I have been very disappointed at the selection at several of their stores.  Today, I found of what they speaketh... the Tokyu Hands at Machida.
This is part of the bento accessories aisle.
This little thing will cut a little meat stick into a crab, fish, or penguin.
This is a little furikake shaker and the scoop to fill it.
I was not able to photograph these well, but they are an elephant and a pig condiment holder.  It looks like they are surfing on their own spoons.
I didn't buy this mayonnaise holder, but it was a neat concept.  It looked like you fill it and then push in with your finger to make it squirt out.  I think it would be good for younger kids because they wouldn't need the motor skills to scoop it out like the pig and elephant above.
These I found at the 5-story 100 yen store in the Machida area.  It's a little thing you put in the pan and break an egg into it.  I bought the train shaped one.  I'll post a photo when we try it.

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