Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Tsukayama Koen

If you're in for an uphill battle, drag yourself up to Tsukayama Koen in Yokosuka.

It was cloudy today, but it is not uncommon to see Mt. Fuji from the park.
This mountain, or hill, is known for it's Cherry Blossoms too.   I'll have to go back in the Spring.
These directional signs point the way to nearby train stations.
This is a monument to William Adams and his wife.  I don't know exactly who they are, but I believe they were British.  


Katie said...

Looks pretty!

Jeff said...

From Wiki:
William Adams (September 24, 1564–May 16, 1620), also known in Japanese as Anjin-sama (anjin, "pilot"; sama, a Japanese honorific, corresponding to Lord/Excellency) and Miura Anjin (三浦按針: "the pilot of Miura"), was an English navigator who travelled to Japan and is believed to be the first Briton ever to reach that country. He was the inspiration for the character of John Blackthorne in James Clavell's bestselling novel Shogun.

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