Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Sasuke Inari Jinja

Down the road from Zeniarai Benten is a small Shrine named Sasuke Inari.  It had far fewer visitors than Zeniarai Benten did, but it was still quite beautiful.
I think this may be where the eleven-headed matchmaking deity is, but I cannot say for sure.  There were all of these fox-like ceramic figurines all over the hillside.  They even had their own little miniature shrines.

There are a set of gates leading up to the shrine.  Many of the Torii gates are rotting and it looked like they were adding new ones while we were there.
There are trails all over the place here.  We were near a major hiking course in Kamakura.  

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Katie said...

I really liked this one! Your pictures came out great.

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