Sunday, December 7, 2008

Mt. Takatori 鷹取山

What a beautiful country!  I went for a hike on Mt. Takatori today.

I took these picture on a hike from Jinmuji station to Oppama station.  I had no idea this hike would be so beatiful!  I wish I had brought my better camera with me.  It's evident that the trail is heavily used.  It is a well traveled path.
This little Buddha is quite big.  I wasn't even tall enough to reach the feet.
This gentleman told me he feeds these birds everyday.  We approached the area at the same time and that flock did seem to recognize him.
The sign above reads "Takatori Yama" on the right side.  That is the way you want to go to see Fuji san and Daibutsu.

That sign is posted on the rocks where the rock climbers play.  It directs the way to the Oppama station on the Keikyu Line.  Oppama is about a 15 minute walk from the trail head.  
One of the walls that the rock climbers use.  The sign below says, "hiking course".  That sign is in a place where you might get confused on which way to go.  The trail you want squeezes between big boulders here.
This is a small part of the trail.  The chain is there to hold on to if you need it.  There is a rope to the right to indicate the edge of the trail.

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Katie said...

So is any part of this drivable?! :)
Beautiful views!!!

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