Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Hello Okinawa!

Winter is prime surfing season the East China Sea. The waves were small but fast.
Nago Central Park is one of our favorite parks! It is a huge park that takes up much of the side of a hill/mountain in northern Okinawa. We have spent many hours climbing that rope climbing tube thing and sliding down the rollerslide.
One of the things that I thought I would see in mainland, but have not, is fresh tofu. In Okinawa at 10:00 and 14:00 (I think) they put out fresh tofu in the grocery stores... even tiny ones. You take this tofu home, drain it and eat it right away. It is very good!

Saw this "Magazine for Elder Boys" in a bookstore today. Hmmm. It was right next to the Playboys, but it wasn't what you might think reading the cover.
It's that time of year again... Daifuku!!! I love the strawberry in the mochi! The white one on the end was not filled with the regular anko. It was milk... in an anko like form. It was very yummy!

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Alisa said...

I lived in Okinawa when i was about 9~13 (i am 30 now)... When i was a Child my parents took me to all the Wonderful Parks all over Okinawa.
I have to say... i have a photo of me IN that Rope Wheel-y thing. If its not that EXACT one... It's one IDENTICAL! Anyways,... this post of yours brought back many memories of living Okinawa.
Living on the 'Mainland' is Unique... and living in Okinawa is just a Japanese Adventure all it's own!
I miss Okinawa! I wish we could move there... but with my hubb's job, we have only had the chance to live in Sasebo and Yokosuka.

Maybe we will be able to Visit before we move this time.
GREAT post!

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